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ALTAY Yussufi

There are some problems in companies that only a few people in the world know the solutions to ... but they will never tell you about it, otherwise you will become a stronger competitor or "inconvenient" partner. And as long as the problem exists, it will take away a huge part of resources, energy, attention. You will not rise to a higher level until you solve it, and it tends to change, evolve.

1. Development of innovations on demand.

2. Creation of new products and technologies.

3. Improvement of existing products and technologies, forecasting their development.

4. Creation of effective protection of intellectual property.

5. Assessment of the innovative capabilities of the company.

6. Identification of key technologies of the company and increasing their capabilities.

7. Identification of the causes of failures in work, their elimination and prediction of   possible occurrence.

8. Decrease in production costs. 

9. Analytical reviews of the market to determine and select a strategy for the development of the company.

Our mission is to make our world and our environment more successful, happy and safe. Applying innovative and creative ways and methods, implementing the most ambitious ideas and constantly improving our consciousness and skills, to help as many of our clients as possible overcome difficulties on their way to the desired goal.


1 Step


At the first meeting, you describe in detail your problem (reason, essence, time).

2 Step


On the second, you describe to me the Ideal Final Result most acceptable to you (time, measurability, perceptibility).

3 Step


At the third meeting, you will receive a working prototype, technical documentation, business case and all intellectual property rights.

Below is a list of my main, but not final areas.

Country development

In our time of technological progress and constantly changing macroeconomic situation, innovation is a key instrument of progress.
civilization and development of society.

At the same time, a highly specialized sectoral approach limits the possibilities for such progress. This can be seen from the huge number of existing problems that have not been solved for years and decades even in the most prosperous industries.

The success of South Korea began with the introduction of the above-mentioned methodology by SAMSUNG, which in several years propelled it from one of the last outsider positions to the group of world economic leaders.

The active use of innovation development tools at the state level and the integration of teaching this TRIZ methodology into existing business structures allowed this country to make a well-known breakthrough in development.

Further, similar joint projects were carried out by the governments of Colombia, China and Japan.

Innovations on demand - R&D

My team of expert practitioners and I provide innovative services to companies ranging from small and medium-sized businesses to multinational corporations and will be happy to help you. In our laboratories, new products and technologies are created, existing ones are improved.

We know how to build patent protection for the intellectual property of our clients, impenetrable by competitors. We use proven techniques to develop the highest quality products, technologies and services.

For 30 years, our innovation specialists have served many of the world's largest and most famous companies manufacturing household goods, industrial equipment, medical equipment, including ABB, Alcoa, BAT, Chiquita, Clorox, Colgate-Palmolive, Electrolux, General Electric, General Motors, Glaxo-Smith-Kline, Hershey, Intel, Kimberly-Clark, Mars, Novartis, Pepsi, Owens-Illinois, Procter & Gamble, Pratt & Whitney, Siemens, Toshiba, Tyco, Unilever, etc.

We are not limited by industries or geographic boundaries. We work all over the world

security projects

How much Thetis did not try to make Achilles invulnerable bathing in the waters of the Styx River, there is still a weak spot in such a strong body.
A similar analogy exists in business systems. We are also pleased to offer you services in the following areas:

  • Assessment of risks and security threats.
  • Ensuring the security of the business community, creating private security services.
  • Conducting a security audit. Identification of theft at the enterprise.
  • Prompt support of business persons on business trips and at private meetings.
  • Projects for integration into the business environment in unstable regions.
  • Projects to counter corporate espionage.
  • Assessment and protection of reputational risks and threats.
  • Revealing a gap in the armor of a working business system and its structural units.
  • Assessment and management of investment risks.

non-standard solutions

Our innovative methodology makes it possible to generate non-standard solutions that at first glance seemed insoluble problems and consumed time and resources throughout the entire period of its existence.

The main obstacle in solving such problems is the use of familiar methods that most people are guided by today. But, what if we change the very paradigm of solving the problem, when at the output we get an increase in efficiency, profitability, a new way of development, or perhaps even an expansion of market share.

Our international team consists of several dozen consulting firms founded in different countries, on different continents by the pupils of the famous school of Heinrich Saulovich Altshuller. 

In our professional activities, we use a theoretical base, analytical and decisive tools developed within the school and constantly developing in the process of accumulating knowledge and experience for the effective creation of non-standard solutions.

150 clients

20 products

50 projects